High And Low Pressure Components Manufacturer | Best High And Low Pressure Components

High And Low Pressure Components Manufacturer | Best High And Low Pressure Components

Types of Low Pressure Components:
Low pressure components are designed to handle fluids or gases that are below the atmospheric pressure.  These include vacuum pumps, air handlers, blowers, fans, and filters.

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Our company took the lead and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. The company specializes in cooperating with State Grid, South Grid, high and low voltage electrical equipment, and supporting services

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The company has always adhered to the "quality" for survival, reputation, as the leading business philosophy, has an excellent team of engineers, perfect production equipment and after-sales service.

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With perfect after-sales service and technical assistance services, the company can provide after-sales service and technical support according to customer requirements and needs, and respond in the shortest time.

Efficient production efficiency

The machine ensures the maximum utilization of raw materials, improves the efficiency of the production line, and improves the stability of the customer's products.

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Chongqing Xinsheng Technology Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and is located in Chongqing, China, one of the four major municipalities in China.

It is a high-tech company engaged in the research, development, production and sales of pneumatic, air cylinder, high and low voltage electrical, outdoor vacuum circuit breakers, indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breakers, indoor high voltage isolation switches, stainless steel photovoltaic distribution boxes, furniture and household appliances and other products. Technology industry company, its products are widely used in power transmission and distribution, machinery, metallurgy, hydropower, petrochemical, mining, transportation, construction, urban and rural power grid transformation and other power grid home appliance construction projects.

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What are the types of high voltage circuit breakers?

According to the arc extinguishing medium used by the circuit breaker, it can be divided into:
1. Oil circuit breaker 2. Air circuit breaker 3. Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) circuit breaker 4. Vacuum circuit breaker

In addition, there are magnetic blowing circuit breakers and self-generating gas circuit breakers, which have the advantages of fireproof and explosion-proof, easy to use and so on.

What are the types of high voltage circuit breakers?

Applications of High Pressure Components

High pressure components find applications in air compression systems, refrigeration systems, and hydraulic systems. They are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas exploration and drilling, chemical manufacturing, and food and beverage processing.

Applications of High Pressure Components

The difference between indoor and outdoor high-voltage isolation switch installation

Outdoor type isolating switch should be installed horizontally when installed in the open air, so that the supporting porcelain bottle with porcelain skirt can indeed play a rainproof role。

Indoor type isolating switch, when installed vertically, the static contact is above, and the ground with sleeve can be installed at a certain angle.

The difference between indoor and outdoor high-voltage isolation switch installation

Low Pressure Component Maintenance:

The regular cleaning and maintenance of low pressure components such as vacuum pumps and fans is essential for efficient operation, as contaminated filters can obstruct airflow or damage the device.

Low Pressure Component Maintenance:
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1. Control functions: such as the up and down movement of the elevator, automatic switching between fast and slow speeds, and automatic floor stop. 2. Adjustment function: Low-voltage electrical appliances can adjust some electricity and non-electricity to meet the requirements of users.

High-voltage isolation components ensure the safety of high-voltage electrical appliances and devices during maintenance work, and play the role of isolating voltage.

1. Isolation voltage. Ensure that the electrical equipment to be repaired is isolated from the live power grid to ensure that the isolated electrical equipment can be repaired safely. 2. Switching circuit (flip switch operation). In a double busbar wiring circuit, an isolating switch is used to switch electrical equipment or circuits from one set of busbars to another. 3. suitable for small current. Make or break small current circuits

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