Hardware electromechanical | The influence of high voltage disconnector on our daily life and related matters
01 Jan

Hardware electromechanical | The influence of high voltage disconnector on our daily life and related matters

The high-voltage isolation switch is one of the most frequently used electrical appliances in our daily life. It is obvious that the role of the isolation switch plays the role of isolation in the circuit. Because of its relatively simple circuit working principle, the operability is relatively strong, which has a significant impact on the operation of electronic factories and power stations. Therefore, we should simply understand its function and use it well in our lives.

High Voltage Disconnect Switch Operation

The operating mechanism and transmission machinery of the high-voltage isolating switch should be adjusted properly, so that the opening and closing operation can be carried out normally without the phenomenon of resistance. It must be emphasized during operation that, whether it is closing or opening operation, it should be carried out without load or within the allowable operation range of the isolating switch. Before operating the high-voltage isolating switch, it must be connected in series with it. The circuit breaker should be tested to ensure that it is in the OFF position. If the load of the isolating switch is within the specified capacity range, all the low-voltage loads of the transformer must be stopped first, and then the high-voltage isolating switch must be opened after it is no-load.

The main functions of the high and low voltage isolating switch are as follows:

1. After opening, establish a reliable insulation gap, and separate the equipment or lines that need to be repaired from the power supply with an obvious disconnection point to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel and equipment.

2. Change the line according to the operation needs.

3. It can be used to divide and combine small currents in the line, such as the charging current of bushings, busbars, connectors, short cables, the capacitive current of switch equalizing capacitors, the circulating current when double busbars are switched and the excitation current of voltage transformers Wait.